‘Give a girl the right to shoes, and she can conquer the world.’ – Marilyn Monroe

Well, I am going to start my first article in my not first blog about an issue which I have always found confusing. Which shoes do I wear today? I mean it’s just really hard to decide on one. I was getting ready for the first day of the new academic year in college. The worst part is that, it is not even just about this one day in college, it is every day of my life. But in the end, somehow I always do find an answer. But for some reason I find it really hard this time. Do I wear my flats which is cute and comfortable but has an extremely minimalist life expectancy or should I wear these new heels which I have only worn twice in my life for two special occasion and I have absolutely no comfort in wearing or should I wear my sandals which the shopkeeper claimed to be unisex but I actually found in the men’s section. (Because unisex is just a term for men’s wear which individuals of other genders can also use).

Damn! It was Sophie’s choice but between three options. It’s not like I have a lot to choose from. I mean my room is not as big as the Kardashians’ closet. Yes, I admit it, KUWTK is my guilty pleasure. How can I not like it, it’s a show about the realistic issues faced by a filthy rich and popular family. Alright, so coming back to my real issues; it was hard for me. Do I stick to the attire assigned to my gender role and wear my flats/heels or do I decide to go against it by wearing the unisex sandals which will act as a euphemism against gender roles and may even act as my form of subtle support for individuals who find confidence in cross dressing.

For those of you thinking that my conflict cannot even considered to be an actual problem as such, just look at the story of Cinderella. Yes it is a fairy tale, but in the end she was rescued from her abusive stepmother and sisters by just a perfectly fitting shoe. I grew up listening to this. Is anyone going to tell me now that my inability to come to a conclusion in deciding what shoes to wear is not really a problem? A shoe has the power to save my life or even better, I could find the love of my life! This is like the third world problem for me and a lot of other indecisive girls, trans genders, cross dressers, etc.  So you see, despite what a lot of people would say, we females do have actual problems.

So anyway I decided to ask my best friend who claims she is into automobiles because she thinks it makes her cooler as she will be considered to be the girl who is not like the other girls but in reality she is a crazy online shopping addict and loves make-up, what shoes to wear. As the elaborate description about her would suggest, she obviously asked me to go with the unisex sandals. (Although I knew deep inside that she wanted me to go with my heels.) So I decided to go with it. I wore my yellow kurthi top and a black patiyala and put on my more politically right termed men’s wear sandals than can be worn by a woman. It was the most imperfect attire but no matter how important you say deciding which shoes to wear is, I cannot spend my entire life on it. Also more importantly, I was comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, my shoes are not just about comfort, appearance matters a lot too.

In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, an icon of modern day Feminism as well as a fictional character, “You can take my Fendi baguette, you can take my ring and watch but you can’t take my Manolo Blahniks.” No, I do not own a pair of Manolo Blahniks (who is Spanish shoe designer, for those not familiar with foreign brands) but I am sure this is how I am going to react if I am being mugged or if I was in whatever situation it was that prompted her make such a statement.

In the end, whatever you rationalists may say, a shoe is not just a materialistic entity of which the sole purpose is to protect my feet. It is beyond that. My shoes are my strength and my confidence. Hey, if you think I am being imprudent, then it’s your problem.

Image Source: https://www.fromsizezerotowisehero.com/16-iconic-carrie-bradshaw-shoe-quotes-sex-and-the-city


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